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Investment Management

The best way to meet your investing goals is to structure a well-diversified investment portfolio -- one that has been balanced to meet your unique financial situation, cash flow needs, and risk tolerance. We use a disciplined approach to dynamic asset allocation, relying on ongoing academic research and studies that conclude the majority of portfolio variability is driven by one’s asset allocation mix and a sound rebalancing strategy--not simply security selection. 

Broadly diversified portfolios offer the potential of competitive returns, yet are structured to incur significantly less risk. By investing your portfolio across multiple asset classes, we can reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio.  We use primarily no-load mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in our client portfolios, but also manage portfolios that include individual stocks, bonds, or other investment securities.

At Pinnacle Financial Group, we build upon the theoretical framework of modern portfolio theory to create portfolios designed to provide a competitive return with significantly less risk. Depending on the size of the portfolio, we expand the number of targeted asset classes to include not only large and small stocks and foreign and U.S. stocks, but also value and growth stocks. We further break down our foreign allocations between developing countries and developed countries. 

We divide our fixed income allocation between investment grade bonds, high yield bonds, and foreign bonds. When appropriate, we include allocations to commodities and real estate. We make tactical shifts to our strategic asset allocation when we perceive valuation opportunities within a given asset class. And we diligently rebalance our portfolios back to our targeted asset allocation on a regular basis. 

We help you take the emotion out of the investment process. Oftentimes, the best time to increase your allocation to an asset class is after the asset class has significantly underperformed other asset classes, i.e. it has become relatively cheaper. We don’t trade often, preferring to “buy and rebalance”. And we never chase performance. 

We believe in taking the time to fully explain our investment philosophies to all of our clients and welcome the opportunity to help educate clients about the markets and their portfolios. Call us. We’d be happy to discuss with you in more detail how we can put modern portfolio theory to work in your accounts.

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